Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Presenting my PhD research at the European Parliament

Last month, I was invited to present my PhD work at a symposium organised at....the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France!!!! I honestly have to say I was beyond excited.

Here is a photo of me on my way to my presentation day...rainy day...but nonetheless finding Strasbourg beautiful.

This was my second time presenting my research at an institution outside UEA and I was thrilled to have such an amazing location and platform to do so.

I am in the Faculty of International Development at UEA and in my research I focus on understanding the higher education aspirations of Mexican young people living in poverty.

I have been passionate about this topic for a long time now and I started researching about it since I wrote the dissertation for my  MA International Development.

I was obviously a bit nervous but I have been working in this topic for more than 3 years now! So I knew what I had to say. My 15-minutes presentation was scheduled to be 10 minutes of a presentation and 5 minutes of questions and answers. The questions I received were interesting and gave me new insights that I will consider for my analysis.

For all current and future PhD students, I highly recommend to present your work as many times as you possibly can! UEA, being the great institution it is has some grants that could help you obtain funding for your travel expenses for attending and presenting at other conferences. It was very enriching for me and I felt I got some good practice and constructive feedback that I can apply for when I defend my Phd Thesis in what is called the VIVA (textual meaning: from viva voz- oral defense)

The inside of the Parliament were great and the atmosphere of being in enormous round tables where every seat had its own microphone was an incredible feeling. You know you are in a place were very important decisions are taken daily.

Also, just want to add, if someone reading me is interested in studying a PhD or has any questions about it please do not hesitate to get in touch through email or a Facebook message through our page. I am happy to help and share my experience with everyone! No worries if you are not from LatinAmerica.


Claudia Linan Segura
International Student Ambassador for LatinAmerican Students

Wednesday, 27 March 2019


Most people I've spoken to about this have said one of the main drivers for why they came to university was to increase their level of employability later in life. A few of my close friends would rather have taken a gap year to experience different cultures and returned home to a decent job, but unfortunately many of us nowadays don't believe this is possible so we continue with our education almost like there is no other option.

Although I do personally believe that it is becoming gradually harder to find employability without the completion of higher education, I do think there are things many of us want to do but don't think we can that actually build on our employability. UEA's on-campus career central offers an extensive amount of help to current students and continue three years following graduation.

The career central offers many events and how to... sessions throughout the year to everyone but the help the provide for those in their final year might be key to further employability. Worried about your CV? Send it in to the career central and one of their careers advisers will have a look and give you constructive criticism on any adjustments or fine tunings that need to be done. The career central has an online hub MyCareerCentral that allows students to find opportunities available and vetted by the career central staff to suit almost every desire. Do you want to volunteer abroad? They've got connections. Do you want a graduate job? They've got listings. You can even go to career central for a mock interview. A mock interview enables you to feel all the nerves you would in a real interview, but it gives you the opportunity to try and answer those hard-hitting questions you've never even considered before. Don't worry, you'll always leave a mock interview with expert feedback on where your strengths and weaknesses are. There's no limit to how many you can do.

Take your future into your own hands and go the extra mile!

Thursday, 21 March 2019


Staying healthy is extremely important as a student and as much as you might feel it's impossible to keep up with health when you have 1001 essays to write, IT MUST BE DONE!

Here are five things to do to keep up the health for very low prices: 

1) SKIPPING: Skipping for at least 20 minutes per day will do wonders for your body. You don't have to do it all at once. 10 minutes, twice a day will burn more than 200 calories and that's 1000 calories a week. Talk about being on your way to a sharp, slim trim!

Image result for skipping

2) SMOOTHIES: No one needs to tell me how hard getting those fives a day are. The best way to curb that problem is with smoothies. You can make them yourself. A perfect ratio of vegetable: fruit: liquid will have you set for the day and if you have it multiple times a day, even better. 

                                                                                        Image result for smoothie cartoon

3) SLEEP: Yes, impossible, I know. If coursework isn't a problem, there's Netflix and YouTube but honestly, that snooze time is so important. We need at least 7 a day and it might seem unimportant but those 7 hours should be at night. There's something called a body circadian rhythm and trust me, you don't want to ruin yours. Google it. 

Image result for sleep cartoon

4) WATER: There's a trick with this one. Because sometimes our bodies confuse thirst for hunger. Sometimes what you need is a glass. Try and have at least eight of those a day. It will send you running for the toilet every hour but best believe, it's worth it.                                                                                                                                              Image result for water cartoon
5) RELAX / LET IT OUT: The most important thing is mental health and if you need to rewind, take that time and rewind. If you need to meditate or reflect, take that time and prioritise it because it's important. Also, if you need help, talk to someone. We have to keep our bodies healthy because they can get sick sometimes but your brain can get sick too and most people forget this. 

Image result for meditate cartoon

With these five tips, you'll be in top shape both physically and mentally and ready to take the world by storm. 

-- Chioma Elsa Nwanna --     

Friday, 15 March 2019

Biodiversity on Campus

 Have a guess about the number of species having their habitat at UEA! A wild guess, maybe. 100? 200? Maybe 1000? Incorrect!
Related image
UEA is home to more than 5000 species! Yes! The grassland is rich enough to host many flora which in turn entice many fauna to come and sustain themselves. Have a look on these naughty bunnies playing together.

Related image

 And here you can have a delight in seeing an awesome otter on the trail. The wildlife trail is divided into four trails to suit different habitats and is looked after by the students and staff of UEA.

Related image

Below a young otter dives silently into the water, surfacing seconds later to glide to the reedbed with a fish clamped between its jaws.

Related image

Wait! poor otter isn't the only one to blame. This little birdie is also having a delicious delight.
Related image

And dogs have the privilege of enjoying in the meadows as well as in the woodland. So take your dogs for a little science stroll at UEA which is heaven for them. How? Well, university allows dogs to come to the library and do some book reading too :)

Related image

Image result for dogs in library uea

In 2012, UEA introduced four highland cattle (Delia, Cecily, Chocolate and Cornflower) to graze the grassy land and to maintain the structure and composition of the marsh habitat.
Image result for biodiversity at uea

Andrew Bourke at UEA captured this terrific Tree Bumblebee male visiting green alkanet

IMG_10845_Bombus hypnorum male_Norwich_5

Another remarkable captured by Andrew Bourke!

Emperor, female or immature male

The Wagtails are a common sight whether you are going to the library or crossing the square. They are everywhere welcoming with their waging tails. ;)

A pretty pair of Mallard at the lovely Lake on campus.

I can go on posting pictures of these nature's beauty bestowed upon our campus but I can't cover 5000 species, can I? ;)

Wednesday, 13 March 2019



I remember thinking to myself last year. I was like wow, there isn't really a platform for black girls to come together and discuss the societal issues we have (and there are a lot) and how to rise above them. It doesn't even have to be that serious. How about just a place to come together and talk about...I don't know...hair.

                                    Image result for black shrug emoji

                                                                                    WELL NOW WE HAVE IT!

The society launched a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you, it's been great. The first event was a natural hair discussion and there was so much to discuss: the stigma against natural hair, the lack of information on how to take care of natural hair and just society in general not providing for natural hair. For example, how are us kinky haired gals supposed to wear those graduation caps this summer?

Image result for natural hair graduation caps

The following event was equally fruitful with many speakers discussing body image and self esteem and it was truthfully one of the most inspiring things.

This society is here and it serves as a safe space for all of us girls to come together and discuss issues that affect us. A space to learn and grow as a community, even. A sisterhood, if you will.

So please, come on down to the next event and bring a friend!


Monday, 4 March 2019

Norwich Football Club - the pride and joy of Norwich

Hi everyone!

I am a football lover but lately, my team in Brazil, Flamengo, is not doing bad but it didn't win the main national title since 2009. Because of it, I had stopped watching football.

Now that I am living in the land of football - England is considered the country where football was invented - I started to become more interested in that matter. Another reason is that people here are big supporters of the city's team - The Canariens.

The funny fact is that Brazil's national team is also known as Canariens, actually, we call them as little Canaries, because Brazilians love to add little to every word in order to make it sound cuter haha

Last Saturday, I went to the city center for meeting a friend and I saw this wave of people wearing yellow and green clothes walking toward the stadium. I love a big crowd so now I am supporting the Norwich team and hoping they come back to the Premier League.

Go Canariens!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Meet Your Ambassador Monday

The UEA international office is working on rebranding and strengthening our social media presence. The individual country pages on Facebook are seeing more posts than before trying to keep prospective students in the loop with everything exciting that is going on at UEA and around campus!

Currently we have just launched an Instagram campaign that will allow you to get to know the International Student Ambassadors. Every Monday, starting this past Monday, a new ambassador will be introduced to you. We're hoping this will allow you to put a face to a name, but also provide you with a more genuine connection when you are in contact with our student ambassadors leading up to your arrival as well as the duration of your degree. We are always acting as friendly faces, and will be able to answer any questions you have to the best of our abilities.

Head on over to our Instagram (@uea_international), and stay tuned for all the introductions to come!

Presenting my PhD research at the European Parliament Last month, I was invited to present my PhD work at a symposium organised at....the...