Monday, 14 March 2011

International Party..!

On Wednesday 10/03 the international students of UEA experienced yet another Annual International Party.. Personally, I think it is the BEST party of the whole year and I wouldn't miss it for the world.! But feel free to have your oppinion when I finish describing it.

The party starts at 7 with the students entering the LCR to find a very lengthy row of tables that carry ethnic food.! Behind the tables, the members of the different international societies are more than happy to serve you some traditional dishes from their countries.. I saw (and of course ate) meals from Malaysia, Greece/Cyprus, Carribean, Japan, China, India, Azerbaijan and many other places.! After that I had a little break from food and made a little sneaky visit to the bar before the performances started..

Live performances of dancing and music-playing from different countries, all supported by very good lighting, stunning presenters, videos of the country performing and of course the VERY excitable international croud, all these mixed together create an amazing atmosphere!! My personal favourites where the Afro-Carribeans with their vivid dancers, the Azerbaijanies with their very melodic ethnic song, the Kazaks with the two sisters playing a national instrument in traditional outfits, And many, MANY others!

The performances then came to an end and it was time for the actual Party..! International people partying in international tunes made the LCR come alive and it was just one of the most anti-racist, non-segregating events I've ever been to..!! Ok, enough said, a blog is not the right way for you to understand just how good it was, you will have to come and have a look for youselves next year..!!!

Until next time,
George, Greek Ambassador

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  1. Nice Article! And really inspiring!

    Thanks George for the blog!