Monday, 8 February 2016

Societies / International Student Society and International Assembly

Societies at UEA   

Living at UEA it is living in a special environment. The campus is very big and beautiful, with a lot of activities all around to keep our students entertain outside of a classroom. Some at the bar, others in the LCR or simply by the side of the lake.

Societies are a major part of UEA, there is more than 200 club and societies. They are a great way for students to meet other students who may be studying something completely different to you but who share a hobby or outside interest. Through societies, campaign and peer support groups, the Union empowers students to make change in their communities. All of these groups are run by students alongside their studies, and provide students with a wide array of opportunities to learn new skills, meet new people and get the most out of their time at the UEA.

Getting involve in a society is a very interesting and fulfilling experience for any students that tries it.
You have the opportunity to become friends with all the member of the society and helping in the decision making of the society, when to organize the events and which events will be the most suitable for our members. A large community of students run those societies, their only joy is to keep you entertain, so if you come to UEA please, Join a Society.

The International Student Society

This society is for all students that want to be among internationals coming from different horizons. The opportunity to share different culture and most of the time in different languages. The society is doing a very large amount of activities throughout the year and is one of the most active society doing one to two events per week. Very diverse activities like the traditional BBQ, entertaining bar crawl, club nights, bowling, ice skating, trampoline. Some food events are organized sushi nights, Spanish nights, crepes nights. The ISS is also part of the UEA Go Global that has the main aim to represents the cultures of countries or regions of the world in the LCR. Music, food and sometimes shows.
The ISS travels around Europe, many trips has been organized, Trip to Berlin, Amsterdam, London to go visit the British Museum and shopping. Visit of Cambridge for Christmas shopping.

In collaboration with the Union of UEA and the Language Society, the ISS will launch the language Café. Which will be a monthly event where student go to practice and learn new languages. Some tutors will run the café with many languages available like, French, Spanish, Catalan, German, Mandarin, Japanese and many others. 

The International Student Assembly

As of the 2014/15 academic year, the Union of UEA students introduced caucuses and assemblies to increase the political autonomy of the four liberation campaigns, improve the representation within the Union’s structures of groups of students that have historically engaged less with its procedures and activities and to provide clear and direct accountability and mandates to the members of the Student Officer Committee elected by a specific demographic.
These caucuses and assemblies will be meeting under a formalised structure in 2015/16 with caucuses for LGBT+ students, Ethnic Minority students, students with disabilities and women students and assemblies for Postgraduate Students, Mature Students and International Students.

International Assembly is open to all international students to discuss issues and policies and ensure that decisions affecting international students are made by those students.
The International Assembly will set international-focused policy to mandate the work of the International SU Committee and international representatives of the Student Officer Committee. It will also be able to send policy recommendations to Union Council.
The assembly meets on Tuesday every months in the Union Bookable room 1.
The election of the Chair ( Malaika) and the deputy chair ( Jean ).

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